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How do I access my student portal?

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Login as Student by clicking the Student icon shown below.


You need to know your Login ID/ Student ID number to use as your username and password to access the system.

These credentials are usually sent to your registered email address at the time of admission in an email that looks like the one shown below.


Hello Student FullName ,

Your admission to Bachelor of Science (Honours) in XXX has been confirmed with following details :

Batch : AUG20

Seat type : Conventional

Academy : Africa University Main Campus

You can now Login as student on to Academia with following credentials

LoginId : 20XXXX

Password: ********

As an Africa University student, All your academic activities will be managed and monitored from the student portal.

We look forward to welcoming in the valley of dreams!



If you cannot access your Login ID or Student ID number from your email,  you can view it from your applicant portal as shown on the screenshots below.


You need to know your applicant portal credentials. These credentials are sent to your email address during the process of applying.


Forgot you password?

If you have your student ID and have forgotten your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" function highlighted below. Follow the instructions and a system generated password will be sent to your registered email. 


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